"World Renown Gospel Artist
Sings Praise For The Detox Trio!"

"I’ve tried many different natural cleansing products. I believe keeping my internal house of the Lord clean. After many trials and errors I’m so thankful to have found Robin Anthony and her Renu Herbs Detox Trio. I trust Robin and I know the herbs she use are chemical free and safe—that’s important to me as a consumer and a mom."

"The Detox Trio is impeccable! I have never experienced any cramping or bloating with the Trio...bottom line: it works! My skin is clear my stomach is flat and people can't believe my age...YEAH!!"

I applaud Robin Anthony for listening to God’s voice, following her heart and wanting to help the world!

Yolanda Adams
The Yolanda Adams Morning Show
Renown Gospel Artist

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Brother Larry Jones of the Yolanda Adams show reveals his remarkable health secret...

"I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. My doctor prescribed medication, but the side effects were killing me. My thoughts were slow. My energy was zapped. And I gained 30 pounds in 4 weeks! I was so depressed!"

That’s when the Lord answered my prayers and Yolanda Adams invited Robin Anthony to appear on our Praise 92.1 Radio Show. Robin started me on her Detox Trio program and the rest was history!

I lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks. I got off the blood pressure medications and my energy has skyrocketed! Now I’m feeling on fire for God!

I want you to experience the same results too. So if you’re

  • Carrying extra weight you want to get rid of
  • Want to ramp up your energy levels
  • Or just want to clean the temple you’ve been given by God...

You must try Robin Anthony’s
Detox Trio program today!

In One Day The Boil Started Shrinking!

"I am a Licensed Massage Therapist. In 2008 I picked up the skin virus MRSA from one of my clients. It was in the worst place - under my arm. Since contracting it, I have visited the ER 6 times to have the boils lacerated and drained. You can imagine how painful that is. One time I waited for the boil to grow too large and it finally popped. I just didin't want to go through that procedure again in the ER. Big mistake. I was so sick, I was rushed to the hospital. Months later, I heard Yolanda Adams praising Detox Trio and knew it was time to detox. In ONE day the boil started shrinking. Also, I love the flatter belly and renewed energy. Please continue your healing work. Robin, GOD BLESS YOU!"

Yolanda M.

Imagine How Much Fun You Could Have With THREE TIMES More Energy!

Skyrocket Your Energy.
Feel More Alive Than You Have In Years.
Feel Like You Are Bursting With Energy.

Impossible you say? Not so.

What thousands don’t know, is they’re feeling sluggish, tired and even bloated because their bodies are carrying excessive waste matter in their colon, their blood is like a poisoned stream—carrying toxins to their liver and kidneys and if you live here in America, there’s a 90% chance you’re carrying a passenger around in your intestines.

That’s right! More than likely, there’s a hitchhiking parasite feeding on you right now!

Yes it’s true! I’ve helped Brother Larry of the Yolanda Adam’s Morning Show feel like a teen again—energy high, spirit lifted like there’s no problem in the world and even shed pounds weighing him down.

I’ve also helped my friend Yolanda Adams feel better and have people telling her how much younger she looks!

Better still, I’ve not only helped Yolanda Adams, Brother Larry Jones, Pastors and First Lady’s, I’ve also helped average folks too. In fact…

Thousands Now Weigh Less, Have More Energy And Have Killed Parasites In Their Systems They Didn’t Even Know Were There— With Absolutely No Artificial Ingredients...

…just pure herbs, specially combined by my master herbalist to deliver to you the simplest, purest, cost effective solution for a clean, energy-filled, happy life!

Big promise? I know. It’s not over the top though. Just look to the right and you’ll read the life changing stories of just a few of my clients.

The Herbal Miracle That’s Changing People’s Lives

What is it that’s shedding pounds, cleansing systems, and killing enemy parasites in the lives of thousands?

It’s actually a combination of three unique products I’ve been making for my clients for years. The name is the Detox Trio Package—named by my clients—that’s causing a stir in the health and wellness field. This breakthrough in health package has three special components.

The average person is carrying 8 to 12 pounds of fecal matter that’s never been eliminated in their colon.

Gross isn’t it.

All that food you’ve eaten hasn’t actually ended up where you thought. What was never passed through is still in your colon now! But this can be a thing of the past. When you get the Detox Trio today, you’ll be eliminating this excess waste almost immediately.

After just a few weeks, the results will amaze you! Your bloated stomach will shrink and your body will begin to shed pounds!

Why will you lose weight? Simple. Here’s a brief explanation:

If your body allowed the poisons in your system to suddenly be released, you could possibly collapse from toxemia. It would be an overload on your system. Knowing this, your body is designed to store these toxins in your fat cells. So once you start a cleansing process, your body will happily get rid of the fat it’s been storing!

Our bodies are constantly bombarded with toxins. From the air we breathe, the soaps and deodorants we use and the foods we put in our bodies. Once these toxins get in our blood… we’re in trouble.

The fact is there’s never been a time in history that our bodies have been as saturated with deadly toxins as they are now. To make matters worse, if you combine a toxic colon, with toxic blood, your body is primed and ready for sickness and disease. But not if you take the Detox Tea!

This tea contains the perfect balance of seven powerful herbs that identify the toxins in your blood, break them down, and get rid of them. There are no known side effects, and you can use it over a long period of time. You’ll start to feel better immediately, and the health problems associated with toxic blood just may disappear!

You may even experience significant weight loss. Because much of the toxins hide in fat cells, getting rid of them enables you to drop pounds more easily.

Did you know you’ve been walking around with a poisoned body? Brother Larry didn’t either. That’s why he’s head over heals for what we do at Renu Herbs. But wait, we’re not done yet. Get ready for the next part of the Detox Trio Package, you may be shocked when you discover what’s inside you…

Facts are facts—even if you can’t see them.

And the fact is, if you live in America, you probably have a parasite inside you right now! According to the Center for Disease Control, there are over 8 million cases of parasite infestation found every year!

I could tell you about this long worm living inside you, but I’d rather you hear what my clients have said...

"I Saw Something That Literally Freaked Me Out"

"I started taking several of your products at the same time, including the parasite killer and colon cleanser. About 7 days into the program I had a bowel movement and I saw something that literally “freaked me out!” It is really hard to believe that something like that was alive on the inside of me. No wonder I was constipated."

- Deanna Baker, Houston Tx

...Deanna was freaked out wasn’t she? I would be too if I looked down and saw a twelve inch worm after I used the restroom.

To make matters worse, these parasites use the restroom inside you! Gross, I know. That’s exactly why you must get these nasty parasites and their eggs out of your system now!

"How To Get The Detox Trio Package Today"

It’s simple to order your Triple Power Cleanser today. And, it’s even easier to stick with this program the necessary amount of time to get the full benefits you’re guaranteed. Here’s how…

Your body has been holding these deadly toxins for months and possibly even years! Understanding the nature of the problem, I suggest you take the Detox Trio Package for at least 3 months—minimum.

 Yes! I want to eliminate these deadly toxins from my body, feel more energy and shed these extra pounds I’ve been carrying in the process! Please rush me my risk free Detox Trio Package today! I understand I’ll be getting the “Sale Price” of just $88.97 today!

Order Now
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You’re In The Valley Of Decision…

…the next move you make can effect your life forever. Two paths lie ahead of you…

To the left, you click away from this webpage, ignore what you’ve just learned, and continue to live in quiet health desperation—never feeling good, always energy deficient and always carrying extra pounds…


To the right, you click the link below that reads “Yes! Robin I Want To Cleanse By Body Now!” You fill in the simple information on the form, and in a day or so, I’ll send your first Detox Trio Package… and you’ll be on your way to a healthier, happier, lighter you!

Don’t hesitate and “think this through”. There’s nothing left to do but act on the information you’ve been given. You’re worth it. Do it now…




Robin Anthony
Founder, Renu Herbs

P.S. I want you to know, there are thousands now who experience the health breakthroughs from the products in this package, here are a few more of their stories…

"I was a walking time bomb"

"I suffered from many illnesses including high blood pressure. Plus I weighed 245 pounds. After taking your amazing products, my blood pressure is now 126/86 and I’ve lost over 40 pounds! I finally found something I can stay committed to. Thanks to God and you Robin!"

- Dewanna Richard

"Itching stopped!"

"My husband went to bed every night with an itchy back. It would not itch at any other time except at night. Well, he started on the Parasite cleanser and the itching stopped! But what is very interesting is the fact that after a week and a half, he stopped using the Parasite cleanser. The itching came back. When he recommitted to using the product, the itching stopped again. He is SOLD on Renu Herbs and for my husband, that is a pretty big thing for him."

- Iris S. Virginia

"Lost 14 pounds in 2 weeks!"

"It has only been 2 weeks since I started the Detox Trio and I have lost 14 pounds. I thank God for you and your vision."

- Lynn, New Jersey

"Sugar cravings are GONE!"

"Before trying the Detox trio, I was having a constant itch throughout my body and also sugar cravings. I stayed bloated no matter how much I exercised. Within a week of using your products, I started feeling much better! The itching is gone and I’m not craving as many sweets like before. Plus, my stomach is so much flatter. The bad taste in my mouth is also gone. I started my family on your products and we are all feeling better. Thank you for great products."

- Kimberly Montgomery

"Energy level went through the roof!"

"I’ve been using the Detox Trio and all I can say is thank you, thank you! My energy level went through the roof. It scared me at first because I haven’t felt this way since I was a teenager. Now, I come home from work and clean my house. Before all I could do was lie down and sleep."

- Carolyn

"No heart palpitations!"

"For about 4 years, I have been having heart palpitations. The doctors were about to put me on a heart monitor yet again until I heard about your herbs. I’ve now been on Colon Cleanse and Detox Tea for about 3 weeks. I have no heart palpitations. I have more energy and I can sleep good at night. So Robin, I thank God I heard about you!"

- Catherine Carmon, Wake Forest, NC

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